This month I will be traveling to Toronto to attend CHI 2014 My paper was accepted to the works in progress program and I will be presenting what we learned about home energy consumption within demographically diverse neighborhoods in Baltimore City. GreenHomes_CHI_WIP Advertisements

Current Project

Fall 2013 allowed me to work with a new research group that seeks to discover more about how people consume energy. The Green Homes project wants to learn more about how people engage with their energy consumption in order to provide constructive feedback on how to save money and manage energy usage. The group comprises the […]


In June I am going to attend the Interaction Design and Children conference in NYC. At the conference, I will be learning more about the status of research in this area and what the future might bring as well as seeking a strong dissertation topic. The MTAGIC group also had a paper accepted to this […]

CHI2013 Workshop

In April I was able to attend CHI2013 in Paris, France. We had two workshop papers accepted and I presented one of them. The workshop was RepliCHI and we discussed replicating our mobile touch studies with a younger group of participants, particularly 5-7 year olds. Brown, Q., Anthony, L., Brewer, R., Irwin, G., Nias, J., and […]

Past Project

In the Fall semester I started working on a project that revolves around children’s usage of mobile touch, entitled MTAGIC. The project investigates how gesture and target interactions may be vary during the different developmental periods of life. The project is led by Lisa Anthony and Quincy Brown and is funded by the NSF Human Centered Computing […]