I believe that teaching provides an opportunity to affect learning over a lifetime. For me, teaching offers a chance to introduce students to a learning experience that expands views and changes perspectives to affect their environments. I feel that my teaching philosophy is in a developmental stage. I desire for it to mature as I gain more teaching experience. I currently approach teaching through the lens of my experiences as an adult learner. Ideally, I want student participation in courses to reflect a transformative experience that connects theory with practice. I believe learning at any level should be experiential, depending on the nature of the course. My goal is to reflect on the teaching models that inspired me as an adult learner and to use them as a basis to explore and expand my teaching approach.

Spring 2016 – UMUC CSIA485: Practical Applications in Cybersecurity, IFSM300: Information Systems in Organizations, CMIT264: Fundamentals of Networking

Fall 2015 – UMUC IFSM304: Ethics in Information Systems, CMIS102: Problem Solving & Algorithm Design, CSIA413: Cybersecurity Policy, Plans & Programs

Spring 2015 – UMBC IS303: Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction

Fall 2013 – UMBC IS387: Information Architecture for the Web

Spring, Fall 2012 – UMBC IS295: Intermediate Business Applications

March 2005 – August 2014 – Art Institute of Philadelphia: Computer Science, Digital Image Manipulation

September 2004 – May 2011 – Atlantic Cape Community College: Management Information Systems


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